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  What is the one thing, the cardinal rule, which you must follow if you are going to survive a ghostly novel? Avoid isolation, of course. In numbers, you are strong. The stragglers are always the first to go. The curious dusty academic who ventures out onto the moors at night? Don’t expect to see […]

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Faith in wings

  Faith in wings   Falfurth arched his back, his hands firmly grasping his hips as he felt his vertebra slowly ease. He hated the long journeys on the sleeper train. The beds were hard and uncomfortable and the lack of overhead room always ensured he had to lie flat rather than prop up his […]

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  Blackness. Not just darkness, but blackness, engulfs you. The rich colour of tar; a bath of treacle: it is all you can sense. No sound, just blackness. Focus on your body standing in this blackness, feel the absence of touch. Feel the hairs on your skin rise up to meet nothing, and fall back […]

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A case too many

Note From the Author: This was the first incarnation of Detective Creak, set in a different time period and more overtly pulp fiction.  Written as a homage to Raymond Chandler. It’s always a bad day when a blonde walks into your office. Oh I know it’s a cliché, but when a gorgeous fair haired woman […]

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The Conjurer

There are some days that remain lodged in the mind no matter how many other dawns one may see. I may have only been ten at the time; I may have been so affected by the spectacle of the evening that my mind had become open to all the possibilities of the world, but I swear to you that the following tale is what I saw. It is what happened.

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