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All Souls Lost

The ship was first sighted over Russia.  This, of course, set the whole world on edge.  The Americans believed it to be a new Russian weapon; the Russians imagined it to be an American spy plane; but the rest of the world saw it for what it was, something far more exciting. In size it […]

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The Charvis Papers – Chapter 4

  As I sat on the bus to Reginald’s hotel, I let my mind drift over everything I knew about this case. I needed a complete answer. If Reginald started asking questions, all I had were fragments. The trouble was that the only answers I had to fill in the gaps seemed closer to fantasy […]

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The Charvis Papers – Chapter 3

It took me forty minutes to get to South Kensington underground station and then a further ten minutes to stroll from the station to the Hotel. Understandably, I felt out of place as I wandered past the cast iron railings on one side and the herd of Mercedes, BMW’s and Jaguars on the other. It […]