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Seeking Pigeons

 Charlie stroked his hand up the side of his cool beer, causing small droplets of condensation to scurry away and hide under the pint glass. The pause was getting longer; he knew it was his turn to say something but the words just didn’t want to find their way out. His friend, Sam, sat patiently, […]

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Suited Bike

  She didn’t like him. She knew she didn’t like him. It wasn’t that she was trying to convince herself that there was something between them, or even that she thought she would find something in him in which she could fall in love. No, she wasn’t fooling herself. She liked his clothes and she […]

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He knew he should put it down.  He really did.  He knew, deep inside his heart that, if he could only open his fingers another few centimetres and let it fall, then his world would be back to normal.  Ah normal.  The word itself sounded funny in his head these days.  He remembered a time […]

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Uncontrollable Rose

He found it behind his shed.  A tiny pale green shoot, hiding from the world.  He’d been fixing his fence in a hopeful effort to keep the neighbours dog out of his garden, but as soon as he saw this miniature speck of life he had to stop his work.  He felt compelled to.  Immediately […]

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The Charvis Papers – Chapter 5

  The bellboy kept me waiting for twenty minutes after his shift was meant to have finished. I had been loitering round the back of the Hotel, tucked up in the corner of the small and dank car park, my mind exclusively dwelling on my nicotine craving. My coat was sodden and I could periodically […]

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