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“It’s a time machine” Said the old man placidly, his face not quivering in the slightest as his doleful eyes looked the rectangular metal box up and down. “A what?” asked Shirley, her brain refusing to comprehend what her ears had relayed. “A time machine” he repeated with a sigh.  “You lift the lid here,” […]

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The Abbey

  He wasn’t sure how he found himself here. He’d never been one for historical structures, let alone religious ones, but for a reason he could not explain he had felt compelled to visit the abbey’s gardens and wander aimlessly amid nature. He wasn’t even sure how he had got here, his mind was so […]

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He sat there, pen in hand and hand on head.  The world before him had paused.  It wasn’t a modern pause, though.  It wasn’t a clean break where nothing moved and the whole world was drenched in a silent calm.  No, it was a VHS pause; the old stuttering and shaking that kept catching your […]

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