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Mobility Scooters

Sitting there, on that bench, wasn’t something he particularly enjoyed.  But, as the years crumpled at his feet and the summit slowly revealed itself, he had been drawn to it.  He guessed it was because of the noise.  There was always noise. The bench was at a cross section in the shopping centre, between the […]

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The Meeting

The two men sat across from one another, a heavy but exquisitely carved stone table between them.  Neither man had said a word as they walked into the room, resting in the wooden thrones at the head of each end of the table, and neither seemed to wish to break the looming silence that continued […]

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The shackles cut into his tanned skin, drawing a small amount of blood from his trembling wrists.  Every step he took down the dim passageway caused the unforgiving iron to cut a little deeper and a fresh dagger of pain to stab up his arms.  It was not cruelty, though, which had forced the guard […]

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