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The Wolf’s Head (Part II)

(Continuation of The Wolf’s Head (Part I) ) The air hung lifeless in the room, pressing in close to everything it touched like a nervous dog around its master’s ankles. My head ached and I could feel a pulsing behind my eyes that caused my whole vision to twitch in and out of focus.  However, […]

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The Wolf’s Head (Part I)

I could feel the welts burn into my back as I pulled on the white shirt that had been folded neatly by my bed.  My head was pounding, like an old fashioned steam train roaring through a tunnel, and there was not a single muscle in my body of which I was not fully aware.  […]

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The hand-held recorder slotted into the table socket with a delicate click followed by a perky electronic beep. Francis, with his eyes half closed to obscure the real world, felt his memories of his wife floating around the room.  She drifted in front of him, picking up phantom objects while ghosting through real ones.   Occasionally […]

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