Dream On – Guest Blog (excerpt)

An excerpt from Terry Tylers fourth Book “Dream On”.

Dave Bentley was born to be a rock star.   He’s a reincarnated Viking warrior, too…
When Dave forms his new band, Thor, there are plenty of sleepless nights for Janice, his on-off girlfriend and mother of his son. Not only must she deal with the thrills and spills of life as a hardworking single mum, but also the imminent return of singer-songwriter Ariel Swan, Dave’s one true love.


Chapter Four

She’d done some things to earn a crust in her time, but this had to be the worst.

Ariel Swan hated what she did, and she hated herself for doing it.

Okay, it was a job, and they were hard to come by.  It put money in her pocket, though it made her feel as if she was selling herself cheap, prostituting her soul.  At least prostitutes were honest about what they did.

Every time she walked out into that hateful room, felt all those eyes on her, she wanted to run and hide.  Shove back on the jeans and sweatshirt she’d so reluctantly stripped off, and get the hell out of there.  She hated wearing that gaudy, tasteless costume; she wondered if people looked at her and thought, isn’t she worth more than this?  She knew the women (the few who actually deigned to look at her at all) felt superior to her; with their jobs in offices, shops, banks, they were better than her, that was what they thought. They would rather go without the money than do this.

What she dreaded most was seeing a man she knew, there in the crowd.  Like all the others who tried to catch her eye, his attention would be captured only by her immediate fulfillment of his needs – except that he would think, ah, so this is what became of Alison Swan, is it?


This would be the last time she put herself through this.  When she tore off that outfit at the end of this evening, it would be for the last time. 

She looked at the man directly standing just a few feet away from her. He was dark, handsome; had he met her elsewhere he might have looked at her so, so differently. 

She formed her lips into a bright, puppet-like smile, as instructed by the greasy, leering oaf who’d given her the job.

The dark, handsome man just stood there, waiting for her to respond to him in  the way she had learned, the way she had to force herself to do.

She took a deep breath.

Cheeseburger, sir?  And would you like fries with that?”

This excerpt was from “Dream on” the fourth book by Terry Tyler.  To view Dream On on Amazon click here  I would like to thank Terry for being my first guest blogger and I wish her all the well with this book and the many more that will follow

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