The door

There was no shop front. No displays of the latest gadgets lying on carpets of fake snow; no posters encouraging passers-by to pre-order the next release; there wasn’t even windows of bumper stickers announcing yet another final sale. There was just a parsley green door. The paint was cracked in long thin lines as if the grain of the wood was asserting itself from underneath, pushing itself back into the world from beneath its lead based clothing. It’s brass handle, too, was losing the battle of age, tarnished and worn by a thousand nervous hands.

Colin stood before the door, doubt rushing into him like a cold wind from the north. The street was deserted and caught in a perpetual glooming.  Two seas of street light gathered either side of him, leaving a strip of dark emptiness where he stood, as if the door itself was casting a deep shadow across the road.  He shouldn’t be loitering outside, he knew, but the engine of curiosity which had led his feet to the green door had suddenly stalled. The backs of his hands tingled and he felt a small drop of sweat pool in the small of his back beneath his smartly buttoned shirt.

The sound of a kicked can rattled down the empty street like cannon fire and Colin started.  He took a step forward, hesitated, then took a step back.  He turned as if to leave, but something caught him.  Something tugged at his shirtsleeve, holding his body still half facing the door.  He couldn’t leave now. He couldn’t get this close and not take that final step across the threshold.

Colin slowly, like a man with a gun trained on him, reached into his suit jacket pocket and pulled out a small card. It was green and completely blank save for a neatly printed address in the bottom right corner.  He turned it over in his hands, examining both sides the same way he had done when his old university professor had handed it to him. There were no other clues on it, it was one big question with no answer.

The can rattled again, further away this time, and was chased down the road by a shriek of laughter. Feminine. Drunk. Colin pushed the card back into his jacket pocket and stepped up to the door.  He could hear his own breathing rasping out of his contracted lungs.  There would be no going back.  One light tap on this door and it would all be over.  One light tap on this door and the dominoes of cause and effect would collapse down on one another. The door would open, he would step into the room beyond, the question would be answered, his life would be changed forever.

He raised his hand with great care, closing his eyes for the briefest of moments to steel himself against the first and final cause.  The darkness of his eyelids brought forth the memory of his professor’s smile.  It wasn’t broad, in no way a grin, but nor was it forced or thin lipped. It was relaxed, contented, the corners of his mouth twisted delicately upwards and his eyes sparkling like two full moons.  He hadn’t said a word, just handed Colin the card and wrapped him up in his smile.  It was then, as Colin’s memory pulled the smile around him once again, that he knew he was already too late.  The first cause had been and gone, the first domino had toppled and was now leaning against his arm as he held it up before the parsley green door.


I’m sorry for the delay in posts recently, this is due to large amounts of work and effort being put into my latest novel.  I took some time out this weekend to write this for you, to hopefully satisfy you for a short while before I have more time to write something a little longer.  What do you think? What do you think is happening? Please Like and comment if you enjoyed the peice, or why not write about what is behind the door?  I’ll link any continuations of this story from here for others to enjoy. Thank you for reading this post, I hope you enjoyed it.


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