Footprints – Part I

Part one of my new serial.

Ruben watched the broad wall of diodes twinkling in their wire nests like stars in the night sky. Individually they blinked to their own rhythm, but together they melted into sparkling patterns that were too complex to be formed by mere chance. Ruben could lose hours staring at the tiny bulbs. Their regular pulses touched something deep inside him, creating what he could only describe as a euphoric calm. Just like staring at the stars through the crystalline dome that stretched out over the village, these tiny little lights allowed his mind to grace the infinite, but, whereas the stars were intractable pinpricks on the edge of creation, these diodes were within his reach. He could hold the infinite in his hands. Touch the pulse of God. Become part of the machine….

Read the rest here:

Footprints – Part I.


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