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The Charvis Papers – Chapter 5

  The bellboy kept me waiting for twenty minutes after his shift was meant to have finished. I had been loitering round the back of the Hotel, tucked up in the corner of the small and dank car park, my mind exclusively dwelling on my nicotine craving. My coat was sodden and I could periodically […]

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The Charvis Papers – Chapter 4

  As I sat on the bus to Reginald’s hotel, I let my mind drift over everything I knew about this case. I needed a complete answer. If Reginald started asking questions, all I had were fragments. The trouble was that the only answers I had to fill in the gaps seemed closer to fantasy […]

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The Charvis Papers – Chapter 3

It took me forty minutes to get to South Kensington underground station and then a further ten minutes to stroll from the station to the Hotel. Understandably, I felt out of place as I wandered past the cast iron railings on one side and the herd of Mercedes, BMW’s and Jaguars on the other. It […]


The Charvis Papers – Chapter 2

  Chapter 2 “My name Is Reginald, Reginald Charvis.” He fought against his voice as it tried to falter again. The large man closed his eyes slowly and exhaled like a ball with a slow puncture. Finally his eyes flicked back open and, with them firmly trained on my desk once more, he continued. “I […]

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The Charvis Papers – Chapter 1

Private detectives carry many similar traits but the one that runs through all of them, like special brew through alcoholics, is that we are all too clever to be cops.  I’m not talking about the muscle-for-hire goons that plod around behind a big shot as if they were attached to his rear.  Those kind of […]

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