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Revenge – Part I

My first post for the Blog Legends Undying (formerly known as the Dark Globe) Let me know what you think and, as always, all likes and comments are greatly appreciated. Revenge – Part I. Advertisements

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He tried not to look. He knew it would be gaping open.  He knew it would be a sight that he would remember for the rest of his life, but he couldn’t look.  He needed to focus.  He needed to get this report done.  A small bead of sweat swelled on Paul’s temple and he […]

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The Wolf’s Head (Part V)

Continuation of “The Wolf’s Head (Part IV)” There was something familiar about the landscape before me.  Whether it was because I had seen something similar in my previous life or perhaps the colours just naturally fitted together so well, I couldn’t tell.  For whatever reason, there was something that stirred my mind into a knowing […]

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The Wolf’s Head (Part IV)

Continuation of “The Wolf’s Head (Part III)” I had finished my mead and was just about to pull myself to my feet and make my way back to the comfort of my room when the bar woman returned.  This time, instead of wordlessly moving through my corner of the bar, she paused and gave me […]

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The Wolf’s Head (Part III)

(Continuation of  The wolf’s Head (Part II) ) The stairs were uneven; smoothed wood that bowed in the middle like limp washing lines.   My legs were nervous.  They had struggled enough with the flat of the landing and I could now feel my knee trembling as I forced my feet down onto each step.  I […]

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The Wolf’s Head (Part II)

(Continuation of The Wolf’s Head (Part I) ) The air hung lifeless in the room, pressing in close to everything it touched like a nervous dog around its master’s ankles. My head ached and I could feel a pulsing behind my eyes that caused my whole vision to twitch in and out of focus.  However, […]

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The Wolf’s Head (Part I)

I could feel the welts burn into my back as I pulled on the white shirt that had been folded neatly by my bed.  My head was pounding, like an old fashioned steam train roaring through a tunnel, and there was not a single muscle in my body of which I was not fully aware.  […]

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Empty Packets

My submission for @TheDarkGlobe1 ‘s writing competition, slightly tweeked post entry.  the original entry can be found here She wandered through the faceless crowd. The grey apparitions parting in front of her like a monochrome Red Sea.  She kept her eyes down, watching the patch of concrete just in front of her feet, tracing the […]

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For One Night Only…

“Gentlemen to the left, ladies to the right, please. Take off your jackets and remove all headgear.” Jacob called out over the hubbub of the nightclub’s lobby. The building had used to be an old cinema and still had the ostentatious plaster work and fake Greco-Roman pillars around its walls. In the daylight it looked […]

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He liked it by the sea.  The soft growl of the waves scurrying up the pebble beach reminded him of the hum of the engines, and the cool breeze felt almost as fresh as newly cleansed air.  Most days he would simply lie on his terrace completely naked, but for a blindfold, and let the […]

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