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21:15 to Fort William

Here is my Christmas Ghost story for this year.  I hope you guys enjoy it. I’m also getting ahead of my posts for Legends Undying now too, so hopefully that will open up some free time to post some unique posts on here too. Enjoy 21:15 to Fort William. Advertisements

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For One Night Only…

“Gentlemen to the left, ladies to the right, please. Take off your jackets and remove all headgear.” Jacob called out over the hubbub of the nightclub’s lobby. The building had used to be an old cinema and still had the ostentatious plaster work and fake Greco-Roman pillars around its walls. In the daylight it looked […]

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The Find

He scratched and scraped in the dark. It was hot in the small hole and already his breathing was becoming laboured.  The only light came from a dim lamp precariously lodged on a ledge just above his head.  It lit the ground beneath his hands so he could see its contours and colours, but it […]

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The Abbey

  He wasn’t sure how he found himself here. He’d never been one for historical structures, let alone religious ones, but for a reason he could not explain he had felt compelled to visit the abbey’s gardens and wander aimlessly amid nature. He wasn’t even sure how he had got here, his mind was so […]

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The small box

  It wasn’t even an old fire place. It was one of those sixties electric heater-things that seemed to gravitate to floral patterned carpets and knick-knacks. If I’m totally honest, it had almost put me off buying the house, so hideous was the piece of furniture, but my girlfriend had told me not to be […]

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  What is the one thing, the cardinal rule, which you must follow if you are going to survive a ghostly novel? Avoid isolation, of course. In numbers, you are strong. The stragglers are always the first to go. The curious dusty academic who ventures out onto the moors at night? Don’t expect to see […]

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  Blackness. Not just darkness, but blackness, engulfs you. The rich colour of tar; a bath of treacle: it is all you can sense. No sound, just blackness. Focus on your body standing in this blackness, feel the absence of touch. Feel the hairs on your skin rise up to meet nothing, and fall back […]

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The Conjurer

There are some days that remain lodged in the mind no matter how many other dawns one may see. I may have only been ten at the time; I may have been so affected by the spectacle of the evening that my mind had become open to all the possibilities of the world, but I swear to you that the following tale is what I saw. It is what happened.

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