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Last Days of Office (Part I)

She was dead. Her body lay motionless like a carelessly dropped rag doll. One arm was tucked beneath her, the shoulder twisted unnaturally with unsightly lumps where bone pressed against flesh. Sat blankly on her wan face, her eyes were an infinite distance away, like the shadow of light left by an extinguished candle in […]

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He liked it by the sea.  The soft growl of the waves scurrying up the pebble beach reminded him of the hum of the engines, and the cool breeze felt almost as fresh as newly cleansed air.  Most days he would simply lie on his terrace completely naked, but for a blindfold, and let the […]

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The Find

He scratched and scraped in the dark. It was hot in the small hole and already his breathing was becoming laboured.  The only light came from a dim lamp precariously lodged on a ledge just above his head.  It lit the ground beneath his hands so he could see its contours and colours, but it […]

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Mobility Scooters

Sitting there, on that bench, wasn’t something he particularly enjoyed.  But, as the years crumpled at his feet and the summit slowly revealed itself, he had been drawn to it.  He guessed it was because of the noise.  There was always noise. The bench was at a cross section in the shopping centre, between the […]

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