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The hand-held recorder slotted into the table socket with a delicate click followed by a perky electronic beep. Francis, with his eyes half closed to obscure the real world, felt his memories of his wife floating around the room.  She drifted in front of him, picking up phantom objects while ghosting through real ones.   Occasionally […]

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He staggered through the mass of trees, tripping over unseen stones in his lumbering haste. Vines slashed against his naked torso spraying their caustic sap over his bronzed skin and adding to the already seeping assortment of cuts that plagued his body. His breath was shallow and wheezed in his throat, but he had long […]

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He liked it by the sea.  The soft growl of the waves scurrying up the pebble beach reminded him of the hum of the engines, and the cool breeze felt almost as fresh as newly cleansed air.  Most days he would simply lie on his terrace completely naked, but for a blindfold, and let the […]

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The hulking lump of inert machinery that used to be the pride of the human race, screwed through the empty vacuum of outer space like a forgotten and slowly deflating balloon.  A sole blinking red light flickered on the aft of the vessel above its redundant and silent solar driven engines, while a thin line […]

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“It’s a time machine” Said the old man placidly, his face not quivering in the slightest as his doleful eyes looked the rectangular metal box up and down. “A what?” asked Shirley, her brain refusing to comprehend what her ears had relayed. “A time machine” he repeated with a sigh.  “You lift the lid here,” […]

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Faith in wings

  Faith in wings   Falfurth arched his back, his hands firmly grasping his hips as he felt his vertebra slowly ease. He hated the long journeys on the sleeper train. The beds were hard and uncomfortable and the lack of overhead room always ensured he had to lie flat rather than prop up his […]

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